Shrink Wrap, Laminating Film and Flat Film.

Whether you want to enhance products with laminating film, protect fragile products with shrink wrap, or are looking for high-quality flat film, at Dürrbeck Kunststoffe you have come to the right place.

There are numerous applications for flat films. Whether in the FSS branch for bag filling machines – such as for pellets – or as covering film for pallets or packaging for magazines, our flat film is the perfect solution for your needs.

Shrink wrap – precisely-tailored packaging in just seconds

In general, our shrink wrap can be produced to shrink either monoaxially or biaxially. These films can be used for nearly all industrial uses including bundling of PET bottles in the beverage industry; packaging of laminate flooring in the timber industry; or as primary or secondary packaging in the food industry.

Professional product enhancement with high-quality laminating film from Dürrbeck

We offer large rolls of straight-edge, crease-free wrapped laminating film – as well as printed film upon request – for your laminating system. Thanks to the use of EVA, we also have the solution you need for thermal lamination.

Dürrbeck is the perfect partner for shrink wrap, laminating film and flat films, as well as numerous other plastic films and packaging solutions

If you have questions about our range of products or are perhaps interested in printed versions of the products mentioned here, simply send us your enquiry. Our team will be happy to help you and provide the techical details you require.