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Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Film for Automatic Packing Machines

Film for Automatic Packing Machines – For High-Speed Packaging

The best solution for food packaging machines and more

Your valuable products are the economic foundation of your company. It is therefore important that they are optimally protected on their way to a retail outlet or customer. Dust, dirt, moisture, UV light – the list of harmful factors that can damage and therefore reduce the value of your product is long. The solution to this problem is plastic film for automatic packing machines – one of the many ways flat film is used as a packaging solution.

Plastic film for automatic packing machines wraps your product as you wish – our specialists will make sure of it. It is perfectly suited to your products in quality, shape and size. Choose from our standard film properties or benefit from various additions to the plastic’s formula to give your flat film the special features you need. From dyeing in nearly any colour, to food-safe or UV-resistant plastic film – Dürrbeck is happy to pull out all the stops for you.

Plastic film for automatic packing machines also serves another purpose that is just as attractive and important as the protection it offers: it is a method of communication and advertising. Printed with the message or logo of your choice, it is an incredibly effective marketing instrument – because only when a customer immediately recognises what is under the film and what advantages it holds, will they choose your product over that of the competition.

Plastic film for automatic packing machines

Dürrbeck takes on the challenges of the market

The uses for this type of plastic film are nearly limitless. The specialists from Dürrbeck ensure that your plastic film really does what it is meant to do, no matter how you plan on using it. Your plastic film for automatic packing machines will be made to order according to the specifications of your packaging line. It is especially suited for machines, ensuring (cost-)effective packaging.

Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Plastic film for automatic packing machines

Plastic film for automatic packing machines is primarily used for the following:

  • E-commerce: as rolls for despatch packaging where the product is automatically wrapped in film, as new packaging for returned goods, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: for bundling and thereby securing the shipment of multiple packages
  • Sanitary products: for packaging paper towels and tissues, nappies and other sanitary items
  • Insulation industry: for packaging insulation boards using stretch packing machines
  • Food industry: food packaging machines (frozen foods, fruit, vegetables, etc.)

Plastic film for automatic packing machines

The list all of the areas in which this plastic film is used is too long to be listed here! Plastic film for automatic packing machines has what it takes to be a universal packaging material.

Contact our team – we are ready to help you find the best film for your machine!


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Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Plastic film for automatic packing machines

Plastic film for automatic packing machines

has so many advantages

This plastic film is a flat film that is used with automatic packing machines such as food packaging machines. It must be as compatible with your packaging line as possible – and Dürrbeck will make sure it is.

We adjust the formula and many other features of your plastic film to meet the specific needs of your equipment.

Your plastic film will be made to the exact shape, size, length, width and thickness you need. The formula of your plastic film will be tailored to your specifications to ensure you get the perfect plastic film for your machine. Your film can be:

  • Printed
  • Dyed/opaque
  • Perforated/needled
  • Food-safe
  • Freezer-safe
  • UV-resistant
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant

Our plastic film for automatic packing machines

also features the following:

  • Easy-to-use with your packaging machine
  • Secure transport protection – even for sensitive goods
  • Upon request: manufactured with innovative, thickness-reduced DKFol®-Eco or DKFol®-Eco-Coex film
  • Perfectly suited for machines – ideal for high-speed packaging lines
  • Minimal machine stoppages thanks to top film quality
  • Up to 100% recyclable and climate neutral upon request
Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Plastic film for automatic packing machines

Plastic film for automatic packing machines – standard, DKFol®-Eco and DKFol®-Eco-Coex



but we can also produce it using our innovative film DKFol®-Eco or DKFol®-Eco-Coex formulas. DKFol®-Eco-Coex is a further development of DKFol®-Eco, which enables a reduction in thickness of 20 to 30%.

These formulas produce flat films with reduced thickness. They win over customers with their very high strength, low volume weight, great suitability for machines and, above all, their reduced thickness without reduced quality!

We also produce plastic film for automatic packing machines made of reclaimed plastic. Our DKFOl®-Öko formula gives you top quality plastic film made of granulate from plastic waste. When you choose DKFol®-Öko, you make an active contribution to the environment and help save dwindling resources.

Plastic film made from this formula also helps reduce packaging costs – ask us how!

Plastic packaging is environmentally-friendly and sustainable – provided it is returned to the recycling loop after use.

Of course, this also applies to Dürrbeck plastic film for automatic packing machines – it is 100% recyclable! It can be used to produce new, attractive plastic products, making it a valuable raw material.

Almost every product that is packed in plastic film makes its way to the end customer. In this case, it is essential that your film is printed with some sort of information. It is what catches the customer’s eye and makes them buy your product. So, it goes without saying that Dürrbeck also offers printing for your plastic film.

Choose up to eight colours (RAL or PANTONE shades) for us to print your logo, product information, environmental labels such as RESY seals or Green Dot, etc. on your plastic film.

Dürrbeck plastic film has so much to offer. Let us know what you’re looking for in a plastic film for your automatic packing machine or food packaging machine. We are sure we can help make your vision a reality.