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Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Bottom Gusset Bags

Bottom Gusset Bags – Stable and Presentation-Ready

Gusset bags are multi-talented: for food, animal feed, sanitary products or small parts for the automobile and furniture industry

Probably the greatest asset of bottom gusset bags is their high filling volume. This is thanks to their bottom fold, or gusset, which unfolds when the bag is filled. They are ideal for packaging a wide range of products, ranging from foods such as sliced bread, pasta or biscuits, animal feed, sanitary items, powders or granules, and textiles of all kinds. At Dürrbeck, we manufacture bottom gusset bags using high-quality raw material.

When producing the bottom gusset bag, a fold is made in the film – later to become the bottom gusset. Then the bottom gusset bag is welded on the sides, giving it two side seams. The bottom gusset leads to a significant increase in the bag’s filling volume – making it the packaging of choice when it comes to creating more volume than with conventional flat bags.

Materials and designs as versatile as their contents: bottom gusset bags by Dürrbeck

Bottom gusset bags

Bottom gusset bags are made of polyethylene (LPDE, HDPE, MPDE). We produce transparent or coloured/translucent bags, as well as opaque bags – always to meet your needs.

At Dürrbeck, our bottom gusset bags are made in Germany and designed to fit your product and its specifications:

Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Bottom gusset bags

Bottom gusset bags

  • With or without closure flap
  • Resealable or permanent adhesive closure
  • Tapered closure flap
  • Upon request: with perforation between the closures for easy tearing
  • With or without ventilation holes
  • Printing
  • And much more…

Bottom gusset bags

Our experts will be happy to help you choose the best shape, size and design of your bottom gusset bags. The choice between a design with closure flap, resealable adhesive closure or no closure at all depends on the bag’s intended use and contents.

Keep in mind that it’s important to know if the bottom gusseted bag is intended for one-time use, for long-term storage, or simply as a practical outer packaging.


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Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Bottom gusset bags

Bottom gusset bags

a superstar in product presentation

Bottom gusset bags are more than “just” packaging. They offer their contents protection against dirt, dust or moisture, and are indispensable for bundling small parts, powders and granulate.

Opaque bottom gusset bags can act as shipping envelopes – printed with your logo or advertising, they are a treat for customers to open.

All of these wonderful features make bottom gusset bags particularly sought after in the following industries:

Bottom gusset bags

  • Food industry: bread, pastries, sweets, stuffing and croutons, pasta, cereals...
  • Dry pet food and animal feed
  • E-commerce: textiles, clothing
  • Sanitary products: refills 
  • Automobile industry: small parts, cleaning and care products...
  • Furniture industry: small parts for furniture manufacturing, decorations and decorative items…
  • … and all industries that value attractive presentation of high-volume products.
Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Bottom gusset bags

Naturally recyclable:

Dürrbeck bottom gusset bags



When recycled after use, they can be used to create new plastic products. Bottom gusset bags can play a vital, valuable role as raw material for cascade utilisation. Everyone can pitch in – proper recycling at home or work is the key here.

When correctly recycled, bottom gusset bags are among the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions out there.

We are known as one of the top manufacturers of plastic bags and films made in Germany. Our wide and versatile range of products, top quality and knowledgeable experts contribute to our reputation each and every day – that’s something you can rely on.

At Dürrbeck you can always count on short and reliable delivery schedules – an advantage for everyone who has no time to waste. We fulfil all orders individually according to your specifications and are therefore able to meet nearly all requirements for optimal packaging solutions.

By the way: we manufacture single, loose bottom gusset bags or practical wicketed tear-off bags.

When you choose a bottom gusset bag from Dürrbeck, you can rest assured that you’re getting the perfect packaging solution:

  • Wide bottom gusset – with plenty of fillable space
  • Up to 100 % recyclable
  • Optional: food-safe
  • Sterilisable
  • Volume, shape, strength and material according to your specifications
  • UV-resistant
  • Anti-static
  • With flap and adhesive seal
  • Perforated
  • Freezer-safe
  • And much more…

Printing gives your bottom gusset bags a personalised touch

Have you thought about printed bottom gusset bags? At Dürrbeck we take care of printing at the time of manufacturing. Choose from one or more colours, single or double-sided printing, in RAL or Pantone shades, standard text or something to match your corporate identity – your wish is our command. We will be happy to consult with you on printing possibilities.

With so many great features, bottom gusset bags are one of the most popular packaging solutions in industry and commerce. Vital in the food industry, incredibly practical for packaging animal feed and pet food, small parts for the automobile or furniture industries, or to beautifully present sanitary products on store shelves – the bottom gusset bag is simply a superstar!