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Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Bottom seal bags & flat plastic bags

Bottom Seal Bags and Flat Bags – Universal Packaging for Nearly Anything

Pharmaceuticals, food, construction materials, electronics – safe and securely packed

High-quality blown film forms the basis for Dürrbeck’s tailor-made packaging solutions. Depending on the size, weight and volume of the goods to be packaged, the bottom seal bag and the flat bag are among the most popular types of packaging.

Universal plastic bags for various purposes, they are ideal for storing and protecting pharmaceuticals, food, small electrical parts or building materials and textiles against dust, dirt or the elements. Our bottom seal bags are made for smaller-sized contents, flat bags for bulky and heavy items (from 400 x 600 mm).

Bottom seal bags and flat plastic bags are easily manufactured plastic bags made of polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE, MDPE) – without side gussets, closures or the like. This type of packaging offers excellent protection and is an attractive, effective way to present your products.

Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Bottom Seal Bags and Flat Bags

Bottom seal and flat bags

are especially popular for the following:

  • Food & daily items: fruit, vegetables, bakery items, popcorn, baking ingredients, pasta, paper, textiles, meat...
  • Pharmaceutical products: medications, bandages and dressings, instruments... 
  • Construction: raw materials in powder form, sand, insulation, tools... 
  • Electronics: small components such as screws, nails, etc., circuit boards, replacement parts, tools...
  • … and nearly all products and goods that need to be stored, protected, organised, transported or presented.

Bottom seal bags and flat plastic bags

unbeatable in so many ways

Do you need hygienic, clean packaging – for food or medication, for example? Are you looking for something thin yet tear-resistant, especially for heavy-duty tasks like picking up weighty, bulky items such as building materials? Or do you require protection against moisture that would ruin your paper goods, small metal parts or even entire electrical appliances? Many demands, one answer: bottom seal bags and flat bags are ideal for all these products and much more!

Another important aspect  of bottom seal and flat bags: when recycled, these plastic bags can be used over and over to create new plastic products. That makes them a particularly sustainable and environmentally-friendly option.


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Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Bottom seal bags and flat plastic bags

Bottom seal and flat bags from Dürrbeck

the selection is as wide as its uses

At Dürrbeck, we offer a wide range of options, designs and grades. We produce bottom seal bags and flat bags to meet your requirements. Whether small or large, long and narrow or short and wide, in various standard paper sizes, transparent, opaque or dyed, thick or thin – we can do just about anything.

We are also happy to produce bottom seal and flat bags in special sizes – simply ask!
In a hurry? No problem. We complete each order quickly, reliably and with the highest quality. Whether you place a large order for flat bags or need a few thousand bottom seal bags in a flash; loose or wicketed for easy tearing: we’ve got you covered.

By the way: we fill all orders individually to meet your specifications and can therefore fulfil nearly any request.


Standard and yet so much more:

bottom seal bags and flat bags by Dürrbeck have it all

Most flat bags are transparent – perfect if you want whatever is inside to be clearly recognisable at first glance. But that’s not always what a customer needs. Colour bags are increasing in demand.

Colour is the perfect way to make your plastic bag stand out – for labelling, sorting or to show off your corporate identity. Sometimes, though, its only purpose is to keep away unwanted viewing!

Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Bottom seal bags and flat plastic bags

Whatever you’d like to achieve, we are happy to offer colourful bottom seal bags and flat bags to meet your needs:



  • Opaque – choice of colours
  • Translucent – choice of colours
  • Classic and clear – transparent
  • Food-safe
  • UV-resistant (for outdoor storage, for example)
  • Anti-static
  • Smooth or rough
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Hygienic
  • Perforated
  • Liquid-repellent
  • Punched

Looking for something you don’t see here? Let us know – you’ll be surprised at how much we can offer!

We not only make, but also print your bottom seal bags or flat bags in-house. This starts with standard printing and ranges to customised advertising prints such as logos.

Whether you need a warning label or text (e.g. suffocation, child warning label, etc.), recycling symbols, environmental protection symbols, the Green Dot, certifications or special material labelling – our portfolio includes just about everything. In one or multiple colours, single or double-sided, RAL or Pantone shades – our printing experts will be happy make your idea a reality!

Curious to learn more? Would you like more information about our bottom seal bags and flat bags for the pharmaceutical industry, food, construction materials, electronics and more?