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Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Side Gusset Tubular Film

Side Gusset Tubular Film – Great for Large Products

High volumes or large products? Pack them perfectly with side gusset tubular film

Sometimes size does matter – when it comes to packaging, for example. Sometimes supersize products or extra large amounts of goods require a unique solution. This is where Dürrbeck side gusset tubular film comes into play! This plastic film is similar to standard blown or tubular film, with the exception of its added side gussets, or folds. These allow the film to expand to cover larger circumferences – with a relatively low film width. At Dürrbeck, you can order side gusset tubular film with a maximum circumference of 6,000 mm.

Side gusset tubular film is the perfect solution when you need to package bulky, large goods. It is affordable and suitable for a wide range of uses – from delicate laundry or garment bags for clothing to durable protectors of wooden covers, or as special packaging for food. Dürrbeck has it all!

Tubular film with side gussets forms the basis of many other types of packaging such as side gusset bags, sacks, liners, hoods or even shrink hoods for use with machines and shrink wrappers.

Side gusset tubular film

complete protection and safe transport for large goods

Manufacturing industries – such as the food or timber industry – are always faced with the question: how can I pack my goods well, securely and protected from external factors to keep them undamaged and attractive to stores and customers? The packaging of choice for industrial use is blown film – and gusseted blown film when it comes to products with large circumferences.

An additional advantage is its variable length! This allows you to produce bags and sacks to precisely fit their content, or to pack objects of varying length. We are happy to produce bags to meet your specifications: contact us and learn what we can do for you!

Depending on the features and design of your side gusset blown film, it is sure to offer practical protection against dirt, moisture, bumps, UV rays and other factors – attributes that are in demand in many areas such as the timber and food industries.

Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Side Gusset Tubular Film

You want it – you got it!

Side gusset tubular film to your specifications

Dürrbeck side gusset tubular film comes on an endless roll at the length of your choice.
You can determine:

  • Film width
  • Gusset depth
  • Roll length
  • Film strength
  • Circumference
  • Colour – pink, black clear/transparent (standard) or customer-defined
  • Material

We can also add certain material properties to your side gusset tubular film – perfect for special purposes:

  • Anti-static – easy opening, film will not cling to the goods
  • With ventilation holes – excellent for products with condensation
  • Needled – ensures air can escape in the shrinking process
  • Dyed
  • UV-resistant
  • Scratch-free
  • Food-safe, freezer-safe
  • Smooth
  • Non-slip
  • Biaxial or monoaxial

You can also choose between film made of new plastic, reclaimed plastic, mono (single layer) or coex (multilayer). Our team of packaging experts will be happy to help you find the side gusset tubular film that will best suit your needs.

Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Side Gusset Tubular Film

Your products are unique.

Side gusset tubular film from Dürrbeck is, too.

Looking for a tailor-made packaging solution? You’ve come to the right place! Every product, each type of good, has its own requirements. Manufacturers in the timber industry, for example, need protection against scratches and moisture. The food industry requires food-safe, freezer-safe solutions. Whatever you need, Dürrbeck is your go-to partner! We take on any challenge with confidence – our side gusset tubular film is as versatile as your product.

Our side gusset blown film is typically transparent, allowing its contents to be easily identified and any barcodes inside to be read. Light-sensitive products need UV-absorbing packaging, and black side gusset tubular film keeps unwanted glances away. You can even determine the strength and thickness of your side gusset tubular film.


Contact us!

Printing for your side gusset tubular film

Dürrbeck printing services

You don’t want to send your valuable goods on their way anonymously. After all, packaging is also an information and advertising medium. Let your side gusset tubular film do the talking for you.

With Flexoprint, we transform your blown film with side gussets into advertising. Our 8-colour Flexoprint system prints your logo, slogan or other message onto your film – professionally and affordably. We also offer cost-effective single-colour printing inline directly on the extruder.

  • Do you have unique products? Then you need a packaging solution that is just as exceptional! Gusseted tubular film is the choice for packaging large quantities and large products:
  • Efficient, cost-effective and versatile packaging of large products (circumference up to 6,000 mm)
  • Protection against dirt, moisture, mechanical or atmospheric factors
  • Ideal for products with varying lengths and circumferences
  • PE side gusset tubular film can be made food-safe
  • Material properties according to your specifications (width, gusset size, strength, UV resistance, durability, flexibility, smooth or non-slip...)
  • Printing in up to eight colours
  • Dyeing upon request

We would be happy to tell you more about Dürrbeck’s gusseted tubular film. Take advantage of our expertise in a wide variety of industrial sectors, especially in the wood and food industries.

Let our packaging experts show you the many possibilities of this cost-effective packaging solution.