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Dürrbeck - Kunststoffe - Shrink Hoods and Pallet Covers

Shrink Hoods and Pallet Covers – The Perfect Plastic Packaging for Large and Bulky Items

Protection for construction materials, pallets for the food and pharmaceutical industries, and much more

When you need to efficiently protect pallets, crates and boxes from dirt, dust, moisture or the elements, shrink hoods and plastic pallet covers are the way to go. Not only do they offer excellent protection, they also secure goods, preparing them for safe transport.

Shrink hoods are unsurpassed when it comes to securing packaged goods. They are not only placed over the goods, but also shrunk to conform to the exact size and shape of whatever it is protecting. This can be done very simply by using a conventional heat-shrink gun or shrink tunnel – the hot air causes the shrink hood to contract and hugs the products like a second skin. The goods can no longer slip, and are securely situated on the pallet. This is perfect for transport across short and long distances  – even across countries and continents.

Pallet covers, also known as hoods, are a particularly practical alternative. They are also draped over the pallet in a few simple steps, but are not shrunk with hot air. Although they do not fit their contents as snugly as shrink hoods, they are easier to remove and can be used again and again.

Dürrbeck - Kunststoffe - Shrink Hoods and Pallet Covers

Both shrink hoods and plastic pallet covers

feature all the benefits of protective covers:

  • Protection against environmental factors (dust, moisture, UV rays)
  • Protection against theft
  • Secure transport – no slipping, no falling
  • Easy-to-use – assembled on rolls with perforation for easy tearing
  • Perfect fit – talk to us about customised shapes and sizes for bulky or irregularly shaped products

Shrink hoods and pallet covers from Dürrbeck

extra protection for your valuable goods and products

Our packaging solutions are produced individually according to your specifications. Upon request, we can produce your shrink hoods or pallet covers perforated on rolls, which gives you extra convenience. Simply tear off, slip over the pallet or goods, or even use it to line crates. Send it through the shrink tunnel and you’re done!

Precise, customised manufacturing ensures that you always have the right size and format for your pallets or crates. After all, the better the fit, the better the protection.


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Universal packaging solutions for pallets and bulky goods:

shrink hoods and plastic pallet covers

Dürrbeck shrink hoods and pallet covers are made in Germany using polyethylene (LPDE, HDPE, MPDE) or polypropylene (PP). We produce standard and special shapes in every size, length, depth and thickness – exactly as you need them. Although our shrink hoods and pallet covers are usually transparent, we also offer shrink hoods and pallet covers with the following features:

Dürrbeck - Kunststoffe - Shrink Hoods and Pallet Covers
  • UV-resistant (dyed black)
  • Colour of your choice (opaque or translucent)
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Anti-static
  • Food-safe
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Freezer-safe
  • Extra tear-resistant

Are you looking for something special that is not listed here? Simply let us know. We can very likely fulfil your requirements – our team of experts is ready to help!

This looks like a case for shrink hoods and pallet covers by Dürrbeck!

Our shrink hoods and pallet covers are ready for duty. They wrap bulky and large-volume building materials, as well as boxes containing moisture-sensitive medications or medical devices. They are particularly suitable for food, offer protection from UV rays, and can be made food-safe and freezer-safe upon request.

In addition to their main purpose – packaging, securing during transport, and protecting their contents from dirt and moisture – coloured and printed shrink hoods offer many further advantages. Colours aid in the sorting and arranging of pallets, making them easily identifiable with minimum effort. Printed with labels or messages, they are also an indispensable means of communication.
Dürrbeck produces shrink hoods and pallet covers for just about every industry that requires the protection and transport security of pallets, bulky and irregularly shaped goods and large machines:

  • Construction industry: building materials, bagged goods, machines, tools...
  • Food industry and retail: packaged food, fruit, vegetables, as a rolling container cover, bags and sacks for bottle deposits...
  • Pharmaceutical industry: medical products and devices, machines, moulded parts...
  • … and everywhere heavy, large or bulky items need to be protected, packaged and secured for transport.

Shrink hoods and plastic pallet covers are among the most environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. Because they are made of polyethylene or polypropylene, they can be recycled and processed again and again to make new plastic products.

The key is that they must be recycled properly – fortunately, this is a given in many companies nowadays.

Turn your shrink hoods and pallet covers into an inexpensive means of advertising and communication! At Dürrbeck, we print your shrink hoods and covers with your company logo, company colours, environmental labels, or transport and warning messages – all done in-house to the highest standards.

Choose from one or multiple RAL or Pantone shades – the choice is yours!

Use shrink hoods and pallet covers made in Germany by Dürrbeck to protect your pallets of building materials, pharmaceuticals, food and more, and secure them for transport.