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Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film – Automated Cargo Securing Made Easy

Perfectly packed, secured and protected – with machine wrap!

Machine stretch film is an integral component in the world of modern packaging. When it was introduced, machine stretch wrap was kind of a revolution. It was a completely new and easy way to pack, secure and protect goods for transport – all with less effort than ever before.
With machine stretch wrap, goods (unpackaged products, boxes, etc.) are positioned onto pallets and secured for transportation to their final destination – all with the greatest efficiency possible.

Precious cargo is protected because machine wrap prevents slipping and sliding. Whether it is being moved with a forklift in your own warehouse or transported to a faraway destination by lorry or train, machine stretch film transforms your pallet and goods into compact – and therefore sturdy – packages. At the same time, it offers protection against dust, dirt and moisture. Special versions also protect against UV light or prying eyes – essential for valuable goods.

Machine stretch film is used in almost all areas of industrial production. Its main purpose is to secure cargo but equipped with optional features such as a smooth outer surface, machine stretch film also aids in the safe, easy loading of pallets.

By the way, pallets have standard sizes – making it easy to determine what size of machine stretch film you’ll need!

Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Machine Stretch Film

Dürrbeck machine stretch wrap:

a lesson on stretching

At the core of machine stretch film is its stretch rate, also called elongation at break. Dürrbeck offers films with a stretch rate between 150 and 350%. For example, a stretch rate of 350% means that one metre of film can be stretched to four-and-a-half-metres. The film is stretched while wrapping the goods; it then contracts due to its inherent resilience, thus securing the load.

The high-quality multilayer film we use can achieve values as high as 350%, which ultimately also results in a significantly higher retensioning force for securing goods. This efficiency also saves you costs on materials!

What is machine stretch wrap and how does it work?

Machine stretch film is stretchable, extremely thin plastic film that is specially made for the mechanical wrapping of pallets. The advantage of machine packaging is that goods are much more evenly packaged with machine stretch film than by hand, and the process is also much faster – both factors that play a major role in most industrial sectors. Its ease of use means you need less preparation time for packaging.

Dürrbeck machine stretch film is extremely stretchable, puncture-resistant and tear-resistant. Customers can decide which stretch rate they would like – this is an important decision to determine how much the machine wrap will contract and ensure that the packaged goods are secure once wrapped. Depending on how your machine stretch wrap will be used, you may need greater or lesser hold. The quality of your machine stretch film is determined by the stretch rate – at Dürrbeck you can choose stretch wrap with a stretch rate of up to 350%! The proper stretch rate ensures the optimal utilisation of the material – an important factor in terms of energy and cost savings.

As the name says, machine stretch wrap is used by a pallet winder or stretch wrap machine (also known as pallet wrappers or pallet wrapping machines). These machines wrap goods easily and conveniently onto pallets, securing the cargo. Many stretch wrap machines have a rotary table on which the pallet is placed.

The choice of machine stretch wrap depends on what type of machine you use and what products should be secured. With decades of experience in the mechanical packaging of goods, Dürrbeck’s team of machine stretch wrap specialists will help you find exactly the product you need.


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Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Machine Stretch Film

Machine stretch film made in Germany – a large selection means many benefits

Machine stretch wrap features a multilayer structure, and added polymers ensure necessary hold.

At Dürrbeck you can order machine stretch wrap with various features:

  • Stretch rate between 150 and 350 % for excellent securing
  • Transparent, white, black or other colours available – for added privacy or to help organise and differentiate pallets
  • Optional: UV-resistant
  • Quiet film upon request: high-quality cast film creates especially little noise
  • Cling inner surface and smooth outer surface

The advantages of Dürrbeck machine stretch wrap at a glance:

  • Eco-friendly thanks to the highest material efficiency
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Great security with stretch rate of up to 350%
  • High protection against dust, moisture and UV rays (optional)
  • Various types of machine wrap available to meet the needs of your pallet wrapper
  • One-sided cling for especially secure hold; smooth outer surface for added convenience
Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Machine Stretch Film

We will be happy to provide you with detailed information on the many advantages of Dürrbeck machine stretch film. Tell us which wrapping machine you use and what type of goods you want to pack, and we will recommend the ideal machine stretch film for you.