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Dürrbeck - Kunststoffe - Flat plastic bags

Flat Bags Perforated on Rolls – Benefit from Greater Convenience

As a garment bag or to hold food and electronics – perfectly packed and protected

Dürrbeck is the specialist in a wide range of blown film products. We use high-quality blown film to manufacture various packaging solutions – flat plastic bags are among our best sellers. We produce flat bags and sacks loose, wicketed, or perforated on rolls to give you the greatest convenience possible.

Flat poly bags are universal plastic bags that are used in a variety of ways.

Our flat poly bags offer protection against dust, dirt and the elements – we even offer UV-resistant bags and opaque bags to keep away prying eyes.

Dürrbeck - Kunststoffe -  Flat plastic bags

Flat bags by Dürrbeck

perforated on rolls for easy tear-off

Flat bags are made of polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE, MDPE).

During production, the bags are formed from a blown film roll, and are given a simply welded bottom seam and perforated line.

The perforation later ensures that the bags can be easily and quickly torn from the roll during the packaging process.

Flat bags and sacks on rolls

are especially popular in the following areas:

  • Food & everyday items: spices, vegetables, pasta, textiles, meat...
  • Fashion industry: garment bags
  • E-commerce: replacement parts or components, accessories...
  • … as well as just about any product that needs to be stored, organised, transported or presented. 
Dürrbeck - Kunststoffe -  Flat plastic bags

Flat bags and sacks

handy, easy to use

Whenever you need a protective cover for your goods: you can’t go wrong with flat bags made in Germany by Dürrbeck. Certain industries in particular benefit from this universal packaging solution. The fashion industry, for example, protects its valuable collections with these practical garment bags that protect their precious contents from dust, dirt and moisture. Plus, these garment bags are thin and lightweight, an important advantage when transporting clothing.

The food industry also appreciates the many benefits of flat bags and sacks. Food-safe versions are perfect for the hygienic packaging of all types of food. Anti-static or anti-corrosive flat bags find a wide range of applications in e-commerce and the automobile industry. These sacks protect delicate electronics from dust, moisture and static build-up.

No matter what you’re looking to pack in your flat plastic bags: when you choose these handy perforated bags on rolls, you benefit from greater convenience!


Contact us!

You ask, we make:

custom flat plastic bags

Dürrbeck offers flat bags with practically endless options, designs and standards. Various shapes and sizes, transparent, opaque or in colour, thick or thin – Dürrbeck does it all.

Contact us – our experts will be happy to help make your ideas a reality!

We place great value on quick, reliable order fulfilment and delivery. At Dürrbeck, you can trust that your order will be delivered on time and with the highest quality, allowing you to plan your logistics processes precisely and without downtime.

By the way,

the plastic film used to produce our flat bags and sacks is 100% recyclable and therefore extremely sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

After use, it can be recycled and thus creates a valuable raw material for new plastic products.


Flat plastic bags

reliable packaging with unbeatable variety



The most frequently ordered flat sacks are transparent. The main advantage of clear flat bags is that the contents can be immediately identified without opening the bag.

We also offer coloured bags, both opaque to keep contents confidential, and translucent. Coloured bags are great for sorting and organising, or can act as a brand ambassador by showcasing your company’s colours.

We are happy to customise your plastic products, giving you an attractive way to communicate your message.

  • Food-safe
  • UV-resistant (for storage outdoors, for example)
  • Anti-static
  • Smooth, matte
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Perforated
  • Moisture-resistant

Do you need something special for your flat bag or sack that you don’t see here? Contact our team – it’s highly likely we can offer exactly what you’re looking for!

We will be happy to print your flat poly bags. Whether standard printing or individual advertising, your company’s logo, warning labels or the environmental labels; our printers can handle just about any job.

With one or multiple colours, single or double-sided, RAL or Pantone shades – you’ll be amazed at the selection you’ll find at Dürrbeck. 

Do you work in the fashion industry and are you looking for the perfect garment bag? Do you need convenient food-safe flat bags or sacks for your products?

Or do you need anti-static plastic sacks that meet the specific needs of e-commerce?