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Dürrbeck Kunststoffe

Dürrbeck Produced, Manufactured and Printed Film:

Packaging Film, Plastic Film, Shrink Films, Tubular Films & More


As a manufacturer of packaging films, we can offer you very individual solutions for your packaging.


Bespoke Packaging Solutions.

Film qualities

Save costs with DKFol® - Eco

Dürrbeck Career Career

We are hiring! employees in our committed and qualified team.

For over 60 years, our company has successfully produced packaging films

in the form of high-quality plastic films like flat and shrink films.

Dürrbeck offers expertise in regards to plastic films, in instances like with tubular films used to produce carrying bags. Whether shrink film, stretch film, tubular film or flat film, your plastic film specialist Dürrbeck provides optimal packaging films for your needs.

Our Product Line can be Produced with Different Materials and Finishes

Through the use of additives, such as UV stabilizers, anti-statics, lubricants or colour batches that ensure any desired colouring, we can meet all of your needs and requirements.



As a responsible company we pay attention to the environment. We rely on renewable energies to operate sustainably and to protect our planet.

Environmental and Energy Policies

Environmental protection and energy conservation is not just part of our company’s mission statement; it is also a mandate to take initiative and act responsibly.

News from the Dürrbeck company

Durchführung einer Energieeffizienzberatung

Durchführung einer Energieeffizienzberatung

Förderung der Energieeffizienz und der Nutzung erneuerbarer Energienin Unternehmen:

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Climate neutral company

As of 2020 we are now a climate neutral company – and you can make all our products climate neutral upon request

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Dürrbeck Kunststoffe -  Blauer Engel

We have the Blue Angel certificate for our products:

DKFol ® - Öko blue films, bags and mailing bags made of recycled PE, transparent and dyed, printed and unprinted.

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Custom Tailored Solutions: Single or Multi-layer COEX films, Mono- & Biaxial Shrink Films

For your specific application and need, we offer the right, custom solution.

Our proprietary formulas for Düfolen and Düfo Trix allow for thinning of your standard film for high quality single layer and multi-layer COEX films. Thanks to our ability to conduct 3-layer co-extrusion, we can ensure that each layer meets your needs - such as white on the outside and black on the inside, or a dull outside and shiny inside.

Additional Features Available Upon Request

  • needled / segment needling / partially needled
  • punched
  • pre-treated – with or without intermittent assembly
  • printed with up to 8 colours
  • food grade

To ensure that our products maintain food packaging standards, we regularly perform migration analyses.

Dürrbeck Shrink Films