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Dürrbeck Kunststoffe

Production of Packaging Films

The basic material From naphtha to polyethylene and granulate

Naphtha is produced from crude oil." Naphtha" is another term for raw gasoline. When naphtha is heated to high temperatures (cracking), ethylene is released.

The ethylene is delivered in a gaseous state, is then converted to polyethylene which resembles a pressed through a perforated plate and the hardening polyethylene strand is cut into small pieces.


This is the starting material for the processing industry.

Typebasic information
LD - PE(Low-Density-Polyethylen/PE low density)
LLD - PE(Linear-Low-Density-Polyethylen/PE)
MD - PE(medium-molecular Polyethylen / PE medium density)

(High-Density Polyethylen/PE hight density) also known as low pressure-Polyethylen

EVAEthylenvinylacetat (Copolymer)
MetalloceneFurther development of raw materials with better mechanical and optical properties
RegenerateIndustrierecycling  / Postconsumer-Recycling
Biobased raw materialsok compost home / ok compost industrial

Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Basic Material