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Environmental and Energy Policies of Dürrbeck Kunststoffe GmbH

Environmental protection and energy conservation is not just part of our company’s mission statement; it is also a mandate to take initiative and act responsibly.

Therefore, the following principles serve as the basis for continuous improvement:

  • We believe that statutory and regulatory requirements are the minimum standard.
  • We require ourselves to utilise natural resources economically and sparingly, especially in the use of materials and energy. Processes are continually analysed in terms of their environmental impact and improved when possible.
  • The improvement of energy performance and energy efficiency is to be achieved gradually by means of appropriate technologies.
  • Conservation of resources for us also means the recovery and processing of recyclable production waste.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving is a matter for all our employees. Through information on the specific activities of our company, we work to motivate employees to make environmentally-conscious decisions as related to their individual tasks.
  • Regular training of employees aims to strengthen their environmental awareness, thus further contributing to environmental protection and energy saving.

  • We involve our suppliers and service providers in our drive to achieve improved environmental protection.
  • Our production facilities and infrastructure are designed and operated so that health hazards are avoided and pollution in the surrounding area is kept to a minimum.
  • Concrete environmental and energy objectives serve to achieve continuous improvement of our environmental performance; these are currently defined and their effective implementation is regularly reviewed by the management.
  • To achieve the set goals, all necessary information is provided and the necessary human and financial resources have been secured.


The management of Gebrüder Dürrbeck Kunststoffe GmbH believes that the consistent implementation of environmental and energy policies offers a significant contribution to the success of the company. These policies are regularly evaluated and updated in order to adapt to changing conditions.


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