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Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Plastic Film/FFS Film

FFS Film – Form, Fill and Seal in just One Step

A tried and tested alternative to readymade plastic bags – form fill seal film is excellent for animal feed, foodstuffs and more

FFS film is an interesting alternative to ready-made plastic bags. Form fill seal film is perfect for packaging granulate, powder, grain, feed, wood pellets and more in one quick and easy step. FFS film manufactured by Dürrbeck meets the highest standards, guaranteeing the perfect protection against dust, moisture and other harmful elements. FFS film bags are easy to fill thanks to the power of gravity, and fulfil a variety of demands thanks to the many available options – including, for example, perforation or ventilation to allow moisture or air to escape from the bag, or a higher coefficient of friction (COF) that improves the stability of the load during transport.

FFS film from Dürrbeck is made to protect your products. Its quality and functionality will suit your needs perfectly: after all, only FFS film made to precisely fit its content can offer sustainable, optimal protection.

FFS film is made of polyethylene; in our case, the material we use for this type of film is DKFol®-Eco or DKFol®-Eco-Coex, a development of DKFol®-Eco that reduces thickness by 20-30%.

Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Plastic Film/FFS Film

FFS film – room for everything!

FFS film from Dürrbeck is the optimal, cost-effective packaging for just about any powder, grain, granulate or other small products to be packaged in medium to heavy-duty bags. Form fill seal bags are used in the following industries:

  • Food industry: salt, sugar, nuts, legumes…
  • Animal feed industry: grain, dry food, granulate (e.g. for cat litter), sawdust...
  • Wood industry: wood pellets, wood chips…
  • Agriculture industry: humus, fertiliser, bedding…
  • Construction industry: lime, gypsum...
  • And many more

What is Dürrbeck FFS film best suited for

and what advantages does it offer?

FFS film forms the foundation of medium to heavy-duty bags. They can be formed, filled and sealed in one easy step – vertically or horizontally. This allows for efficient – and therefore cost-effective – filling. An FFS machine is required for this process. The FFS machine holds the FFS film bag open, uses gravity to fill it with product, and then immediately seals the bag for further transport. This method in combination with Dürrbeck FFS film is a wonderfully efficient option for high-speed packing lines.

Dürrbeck manufactures FFS film to meet the specifics of your product – not only in shape, length, width and volume, but also in terms of the type of plastic used. We can produce printed, food-safe or UV-resistant FFS film, or FFS film with special properties to meet your needs.


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Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Plastic Film/FFS Film

FFS film from Dürrbeck

is designed with FFS machines in mind.

The other advantages of Dürrbeck’s innovative, high-quality products speak for themselves:

  • Easy filling thanks to the power of gravity
  • Excellent load stability thanks to high COF
  • Made of innovative, reduced thickness DKFol®-Eco or DKFol®-Eco-Coex plastic film

  • Customisable with special properties:
    • Printed
    • Dyed/opaque
    • Perforated/needled
    • Food-safe
    • Freezer-suitable
    • UV-resistant
    • Liquid-tight

  • Especially well-suited for FFS machines – ideal for high-speed packaging lines
  • Minimal stoppages thanks to the highest quality
Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Plastic Film/FFS Film

Dürrbeck FFS film in DKFol®-Eco and DKFol®-Eco-Coex quality



They win over customers with very high strength, low volume weight, great suitability for FFS machines, and above all reduced thickness with consistently high quality.

We also offer FFS films made of reclaimed materials. Our DKFol®-Eco products are high-quality FFS films that are manufactured using granulate materials from plastic waste. Choosing DKFol®-Eco is a contribution to a greener future and better use of precious resources.

This type of FFS film helps reduce packaging costs and has many other advantages, including reduced thickness without compromising quality. We will be happy to inform you about this special and very in-demand plastic film – contact us for more information!

Bags made of FFS film have nothing to hide when it comes to the environment. Plastic is currently one of the most environmentally-friendly packaging solutions available. Our FFS film is also 100% recyclable. When recycled, FFS film can be used again and again to produce new, attractive plastic products.

To do so, however, used bags cannot be disposed of in residual waste, but rather must be collected as valuable raw material for cascade utilisation.

By the way, ask us about our climate neutral products!

FFS film bags are made to protect your goods and ensure they reach their destination unharmed. But they are also the perfect advertisement, conveying the message you wish with minimum additional effort. We are happy to print FFS film bags in one or more colours, complete with your logo, warnings, or environmental labels such as the RESY seal or the Green Dot (“Grüner Punkt”).

We also offer many dyeing options for your FFS film bags – transparent, opaque, or dyed to your specifications. Our dyeing specialists will be happy to tell you more about our wide range of options.

Would you like to learn more about the advantages of Dürrbeck FFS film bags? No matter what you need to package – foodstuffs, animal feed, wood pellets or building materials – FFS film from Dürrbeck is always a smart choice!