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Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Laminating Film

Laminating Film – Separates, Protects, Wraps, Insulates, Enhances

Laminating film creates the perfect barrier no matter what the job

Do you need to separate clean fluids from soiled; or wet and dry areas from each other – inside and outside, above and below? Or would you like to make your product more attractive whilst protecting it from harmful factors? Laminating film is the way to go – it is the perfect solution for such jobs. This multi-faceted film protects and separates, insulates, wraps, and refines. At Dürrbeck you’ll find high-quality laminating film rolls for a wide variety of uses – straight-edged, wrinkle-free and, when needed, also pre-treated for printing.

Your advantage: our laminating film is produced to your specifications and is available in countless variations and combinations. There is hardly an industry that doesn’t rely on laminating film. It proves itself time and again as insulation sheathing; applications on bitumen sheeting allow for optimal laying; and it provides the proper moisture insulation for surgical drapes.

Laminating film gives you more efficiency, better handling, or “just” a more attractive look – in other words, it gives you whatever you’re looking for.


film from Dürrbeck ensures efficiency

Today’s high-performance insulation materials have to meet the highest demands. Energy efficiency, and insulation against the heat and cold are key ideas that play a big role in times of climate change. Our customers’ insulation materials are backed by years of research and development. Their quality is the result of well-founded expertise, innovation and plenty of experience.

Our laminating film rolls provide long-lasting protection against unwanted external influences. This is an important effect, and therefore makes a decisive contribution to ensuring that your insulation materials perform their duty perfectly – and for a long time. Laminating film from Dürrbeck is an important tool for making buildings energy-efficient.

Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Laminating film


Benefit from of the many advantages of Dürrbeck laminating film:

  • Custom-made to meet your needs and fulfil your requirements
  • Liquid-tight
  • Weather-resistant
  • Highly resistant to acids
  • Resistance to mechanical damage
  • Easy to use

Laminating film is versatile and practical

offering more convenience, better handling, optimal functionality

No matter where you look, laminating film is a must in countless areas of everyday life. From construction materials to surgical drapes and other specialised applications, our laminating film does a great job wherever it is used. It serves as reinforcement for bitumen sheeting, allowing it to be processed. It is used as a layer of insulation in surgical supplies, because laminating film makes them warm to the touch and also traps fluids. And of course they are also used to decorate boxes and product packaging – the list of uses could go on and on...

Do you have a product or special application that could use finishing, functional efficiency or improved features? Would you like to separate, insulate or protect materials, or make your products more attractive? Laminating film made in Germany by Dürrbeck is the answer!


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Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Laminating film

Laminating film from Dürrbeck makes your product better,

more attractive, more efficient...

Laminating film is a flat film delivered on rolls – straight-edged, wrinkle-free and printed upon request. Our customised manufacturing makes our laminating film rolls easy to use and process. Your technical requirements ultimately determine the quality of the laminating film and features such as:

  • Easy-to-use with your laminating machine – minimal machine stoppages thanks to our laminating film’s excellent quality
  • If desired – made of innovative, reduced-thickness DKFol®-Eco or DKFol®-Eco-Coex
  • Optional – CO₂-neutral production

Laminating film – not just standard,

but also with DKFol®-Eco and DKFol®-Eco-Coex quality

Standard laminating film is made of polyethylene, but at Dürrbeck we also produce laminating film using innovative DKFol®-Eco or DKFol®-Eco-Coex, a further development of DKFol®-Eco, which enables a reduction in thickness of 20 to 30%.

This laminating film wins over customers with low volume weight, great machine running properties and, above all, lower thickness with the same quality as other thicker films.

Dürrbeck also offers laminating film made of reclaimed plastic. DKFOl®-Öko is made using film waste granulate. When you choose DKFOl®-Öko, you contribute to a more environmentally-friendly world and help save valuable resources.

Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Laminating film

Whilst it’s true that not every laminating film needs to be printed, many do require it as a way to provide information about the product or its use, or to communicate your brand effectively.

In order to guarantee you the highest quality when printing on laminating film, we offer printing services in-house at Dürrbeck. We have state-of-the-art equipment, including our 8-colour central cylinder printing machines from Windmöller & Hölscher, which are also equipped with automatic error detection. Rely on us: at Dürrbeck, you will receive the perfect laminating film that meets your specific needs.


Would you like to learn more about the many uses of laminating film made in Germany by Dürrbeck? Do you have a product that could benefit from our top-quality laminating film?