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Dürrbeck - Kunststoffe - Plastic Sheets

Plastic Sheet Rolls – PE Sheets Made to Order

Pre-cut plastic sheets save time and effort: universal plastic sheets work as liners, covers and packaging

Why make something complicated when you can make it easy? PE sheets – made to order in the size you need – save you the time and effort of manually or mechanically cutting plastic covers. PE sheets are pre-cut flat film sheets. PE sheets from Dürrbeck are manufactured bespoke to meet your needs.

Plastic sheets are used as covers for pallets, as a liner between individual packaged units, or as a packaging material itself. When combined with stretch film pallet wrap, it provides excellent protection against dirt, dust and the elements. Our custom-made PE sheets also act as a simple liner or cover for goods in a warehouse or in transport.  

We produce plastic sheets loose or perforated on rolls – simply tear off, use, done! Dürrbeck plastic sheets are a favourite among customers because of their high quality, convenience and unbeatable value for money.

Wood industry, construction, animal feed

there are so many uses for PE sheets made in Germany by Dürrbeck

There is hardly an industry that doesn’t use pallets to transport goods. There is hardly a company that does not rely on high-quality packaging solutions to transport its products. These valuable goods should arrive safely at the middleman or final customer. In addition to numerous other forms of packaging available from Dürrbeck, PE sheets are in high demand as an additional, supplementary or separate form of packaging. Whether as a separating layer, insulation between products, cover on the top or lining at the bottom – these handy plastic sheets are simply indispensable.

Available in standard and custom sizes, you’ll find them in many different areas and industries – from the wood and construction industries, animal feed and foodstuffs companies and more. We produce plastic sheets in practically every thickness and all dimensions, with various colours or with special properties including food-safe or UV-resistant. Normally, our plastic sheets are made of polyethylene (LDPE, MDPE, HDPE).

Contact our experts – you’ll be amazed at how flexible we are when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs!

Dürrbeck - Kunststoffe - Plastic Sheets

Plastic sheets

simply indispensable for professional packaging

A packaging line without plastic sheets? Unthinkable. They are simply too universal, too easy to use, too practical in every way. Reap the benefits of PE sheets each and every day:

  • Cost-effective
  • Up to 100 % recyclable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Moisture-repellent
  • Tear-off rolls for easy handling
  • Made to meet your needs
  • No manual or mechanical cutting needed

Versatile plastic

makes these sheets real all-rounders

Sturdiness, flexibility, transparency, tear-resistance, puncture-resistance – characteristics like these (and many more) depend on the type of polyethylene used in a plastic sheet. LDPE sheets, for example, have a very low density, making them very transparent and flexible. On the other hand, HDPE sheets have a very high density. They are therefore less flexible and not as transparent, but especially resistant to tears, scratches and wear. MDPE sheets combine the best of both worlds – these medium-density plastic sheets feature all the positive aspects of LDPE and HDPE.

We typically produce our plastic sheets from high-quality plastic granulate (new plastic). However, we also produce cost-effective recycled plastic that also does a wonderful job for many industries.

Special additives also give our PE sheets unique features. Get food-safe plastic sheet rolls, or sheets suitable for particularly rough or heavy goods, such as those used in the wood or construction industry. Thanks to recycled plastics, we can offer these sheets at a very attractive cost, offering value for money.


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Dürrbeck - Kunststoffe - Plastic Sheets

Printed and colour plastic sheets

made in Germany by Dürrbeck!

PE sheets – as with all methods of packaging – fulfil more than just their primary purpose. They can also serve as advertising for your company. Just like outer packaging itself, plastic sheets are can play a role in communicating your brand.

We print and dye your plastic sheets in house, according to your needs – with your logo, special warning, or environmental labels such as the Green Dot, for example. We offer single and multi-colour printing in RAL or Pantone shades. Our printing specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Simply let us know what you plan on packing or covering. Whether you’re looking for something light or especially durable, Dürrbeck has the perfect plastic sheets for your job. From animal feed to construction materials to wood products for the lumber industry – our plastic sheet rolls can serve practically every industry’s needs.