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Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Hand Stretch Wrap

Hand Stretch Wrap – Quick, Flexible Manual Packaging Made Simple

Secure and protect your goods with our easy-to-use stretch wrap

There are many modern packaging solutions on the market today – but none of them are as universal and practical as hand stretch film. It is mainly used to secure goods onto pallets, but is also suitable for quickly and securely wrapping smaller items and loose cargo.

Packaged goods wrapped with hand stretch film are well-secured, and can be efficiently and conveniently sent on their way after packaging.
Hand stretch film also offers excellent protection to valuable goods that need to be stored for long times or even outdoors: your goods are safe from dust and dirt, against falling or slipping, from moisture and unwanted access. If required, it can also be produced to offer UV protection. Opaque Dürrbeck hand stretch film helps keep prying eyes off of your product.

In short, hand stretch film is a highly universal and versatile packaging material for all kinds of goods.

Hand stretch wrap

an all-rounder in packaging solutions

Hand stretch wrap is an especially elastic, tear-resistant, extremely thin yet puncture-resistant film that is mainly used to secure goods onto pallets. It is wrapped around the pallet by hand, creating a tight, compact and secure position. The tight bond that hand stretch film creates offers protection for your goods, as well as your warehouse workers who are responsible for loading and unloading cargo!

This firm hold is thanks to a property of hand stretch film – after stretching, the wrap contracts slightly to tighten around the goods like a belt. The extent of the stretch is called the stretch rate. This can be chosen by the customer, and depends on the type and weight of the goods to be packaged.


Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Hand Stretch Wrap

Heavy or light, bulky, small or long goods

everything can be perfectly packed and secured with hand stretch film!

How hand stretch film is used varies according to the items that are to be packed. For example, the film must be stretched more to wrap heavy goods than for lighter goods. The film must also have a higher gauge, or thickness. Wrapping is usually done horizontally. However, if you require special protection against moisture, Dürrbeck can also supply you with the appropriate cover in the form of flat film or plastic sheets – also made in Germany.

The big advantage of hand stretch film is that due to the added polymers, the individual layers still cling to each other, even when the stretch is very high. After wrapping, the film is simply cut from the roll – done! Your goods are now securely packaged, with no further precautions necessary.


Hand stretch film

made in Germany to meet your needs

At Dürrbeck, you can order hand stretch film in various sizes, lengths and with a number of special features. This means you’ll get exactly the hand stretch film you need. Choose from:

  • Colour: transparent, white, black, red or other colours upon request – dyed, opaque hand stretch film acts to ensure privacy or helps organise/differentiate your cargo  
  • Optional: UV-resistant
  • Cling inner surface and smooth outer surface upon request 

Let us help you find the perfect hand stretch film to meet your needs!


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Dürrbeck Kunststoffe - Hand Stretch Wrap

The advantages of our hand stretch wrap speak for themselves:

  • Tailor-made to meet your requirements
  • Perfect for manually wrapping pallets and goods of all kinds 
  • Up to 100 % recyclable and eco-friendly due to its high material efficiency
  • Extremely elastic and tear-resistant
  • High puncture resistance
  • High stretch rate
  • Excellent protection against dirt, moisture and other effects
  • Easy to use

The advantages of hand stretch wrap

made by Dürrbeck speak for themselves!

Hand stretch film is the perfect packaging solution when you need to quickly, manually package and wrap cargo.

There is practically no industry, no company that doesn’t rely on hand stretch wrap – often from Dürrbeck, your specialist in a wide variety of hand stretch films made in Germany.

Would you like to find out more about this universal and easy-to-use packaging solution made in Germany? Do you have any questions about our hand stretch film? At Dürrbeck you will work with experienced professionals who look forward to helping you find the best hand stretch wrap for your needs.