Stretch film wrap and stretch hoods

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Stretch film wrap and stretch hoods – much more than just the ideal way to secure your pallets

Stretch Hood Film

Pallets are often shipped around the world in international commerce. To ensure your customers receive your goods undamaged and in the state they expect, safe and secure transport packaging is absolutely necessary. But stretch hood film, stretch film wrap and Dürrbeck plastic pallet wrap offer much more than safe transport. They are extremely versatile and have numerous other advantages.Stretch hoods protect pallet loads on five sides, which is especially important when dealing with fragile products or when the load is under heavy strain during transport. Our stretch hoods meet the most up-to-date technical standards for transport packaging and fulfil many various requirements for modern pallet packaging and shipment. Stretch hood film is transparent or can be printed with your logo and other distinctive features in order to strengthen your brand’s presence and increase consumer awareness. A cover sheet is not necessary with stretch hood film.

Dürrbeck stretch hoods – protective plastic wrap for pallets and your valuable products

Stretch hoods and stretch film wrap are watertight and offer the best protection against moisture and dirt. Punched film provides the optimal moisture balance for goods with the potential for condensation. The required stability is achieved thanks to the combined effect of the film’s horizontal and vertical tension forces, which also provides maximum security even with uneven loads.

Dürrbeck stretch hood film is available in various strengths, allowing for perfect packaging of even pressure-sensitive goods. Additionally, goods are protected from theft. In contrast to shrink hoods, stretch hoods and stretch hood film are characterised by significantly less energy expenditure.