Gusset Tubes – Large-Scale Packaging Solutions

Side gusseted tubular films are characterised by their inverted side pleats and are the basis for many products such as side gusset bags, inliners, shrink hoods and cover hoods

Side gusseted tubular film is similar to regular tubular film, with the addition of two side pleats inserted during production. These gussets allow for a larger possible circumference compared to standard tubular films. We have the ability to produce a maximum circumference of up to 6,000 mm.

Safely package products with side gusset tubular film

Just as with conventional tubular films, our side gusset tubular film is optimally prepared to protect your products from dirt and moisture.

One product, numerous uses – gusset tube film

Side gusset tubular film can be used for many different types of product. They offer excellent protection for clothing and various textiles, or can be used as classic transport packaging in the form of shrink hoods. At Dürrbeck, you can choose from various qualities of plastic film in order to find the best packaging solution for your product.

Customised products according to your specifications

Because we manufacture all of our products according to our customers’ wishes, we are sure to find the best solution together with you.
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