Machine Stretch Wrap – First-Class Films for Automated Packaging with Film

Wrapping loaded pallets with stretch wrap is one of today’s most important packaging solutions – and modern stretch wrapping machines need suitable machine stretch wrap

Nowadays, there’s nearly nothing in the world of packaging that gets done without the help of machines and comprehensive automatisation. In order to get the best results, businesses should always choose the most suitable high-quality film for their packaging machines.

360° of perfect packing, secure and protected – Dürrbeck stretch film and machine stretch wrap for stretch wrapping machines

When it was first introduced, stretch wrap was a revolutionary, simple way to not only secure cargo but also protect it during transport. Today’s stretch wrapping machines are a much more efficient way to secure palletised goods with stretch wrap. Many stretch wrapping machines have a rotary plate on which the loaded pallet is positioned – the machine wraps cargo with stretch film much more evenly than a person could and is also much faster.

Plastic films for high-quality packaging solutions by the film specialists at Dürrbeck

The film you need depends on which machine you use and of course on which product you would like to package. Thanks to our years of experience with machine wrapping and packaging, our team is well-prepared to help you and can recommend the best machine stretch wrap to meet your needs.

Comprehensive expertise and excellent customer service from Dürrbeck Kunststoffe  

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