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Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Shrink Film

Shrink Films – Perfectly Packaged in Just Seconds

Stable, cost-effective, versatile: shrink film is the perfect packaging material for all types of products

Well-protected and clean packaged goods reach their destination trouble-free. Dürrbeck shrink film offers the ideal transport protection and is suitable for bulky items, as well as packaging single products, delicate food or books, flyers or bundled items. This variety of uses is all thanks to shrink film’s most important quality: its ability to snugly wrap any product precisely and securely.

Like a second skin, shrink film envelops goods no matter the shape or size and offers flexible or sturdy protection. Dürrbeck shrink film manufacturers also use this film to create shrink hoods for pallets as it offers protection as well as optimum stability.

Thanks to our shrink film, your pallets will be weather-safe, clean and secure, meaning you can even store them outdoors – a great advantage when indoor space is limited.

Dürrbeck shrink film

you won’t be able to imagine how you ever did without!

Our shrink film is practical, extremely versatile and does a wonderful job just about any and everywhere – outdoors or in dusty warehouses, in lorries or shipping containers.

These advantages and practical features mean PE shrink film plays an important role in optimising supply chains and reducing storage and transport costs.


Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Shrink Film

Shrink Film

  • protects goods against dirt, moisture and damage by mechanical forces;
  • snugly wraps even irregularly shaped containers perfectly;
  • bundles multiple units and optimises their presentation (at the point of sale, for example);
  • secures contents and allows ease of handling during transport thanks to optimal securing of cargo;
  • clear shrink film allows for easy visual inspection;
  • dyed or opaque shrink film keeps prying eyes away;
  • protects valuable goods against theft and unwanted tampering; and
  • indicates to customers that goods are new and intact.

Shrink film

two steps to perfectly packaged goods

The material used for our shrink film is absolutely suited for machines and is characterised by its good shrink rate and weld seam strength. Using our shrink film is extremely easy and can generally be automated. First, items to be packaged are wrapped with shrink film.

The wrapped bundle is then placed in the shrink tunnel with temperatures that can reach 120°C to 220°C. The heat causes the film to shrink, snuggly wrapping the goods. The bundle is then ready for further logistics steps.

Dürrbeck manufactures monoaxial and biaxial shrink film. Monoaxial shrink film means it shrinks along its horizontal axis – from right to left – and biaxial means it shrinks along both axes, both horizontal and vertical.

Our shrink film also meets special demands – UV-resistant, opaque, anti-static, smooth or non-stick – just let us know what you’re looking for. We offer you expert consultation on the best shrink film to meet your packaging needs, helping you make your processes as efficient and cost-effective as possible!


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Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Shrink Film

Whatever you want, Dürrbeck’s got it

shrink film to meet your needs

Shrink film from Dürrbeck is made of high-quality polyethylene. Depending on what you need it for, we can fulfil orders for blown, flat, centrefolded or side gusset shrink film. Our shrink film can also be dyed and/or printed to meet your needs.  

Its many uses and versatility make shrink film the packaging material of choice for all types of goods. From sensitive foodstuffs, boxes and pallets to bulky industrial goods and machines, or even cars and motorboats – Dürrbeck shrink film offers excellent protection and stability under all possible conditions. Protect your goods from weather, display products on store shelves, or transport your wares around the world with confidence thanks to Dürrbeck shrink film.

Shrink film from Dürrbeck

perfect for your product, too?

The likely answer is yes! Do you work in the beverage industry? Bundle your plastic bottles with Dürrbeck shrink film and prepare your drinks for shipping or presentation on supermarket shelves. Is your product large and bulky, yet delicate and needing protection against harmful factors or unwanted manipulation?

The solution is shrink film! Dürrbeck PE shrink film wraps products of all shapes and sizes, whilst offering protection against moisture, scratches, UV light and more.

Whether as primary or secondary packaging, shrink film is the packaging material of choice for practically all manufacturing industries and branches.

Duerrbeck Kunststoffe - Shrink Film


We have summarised the most interesting information about Dürrbeck shrink film for you here:




biaxial or monoaxial

Additional optional properties (available with certain additives):

  •  Dyed or printed (nearly all colours are possible)
  • UV-resistant for up to two years
  • Anti-static
  • Low-friction or non-slip with special surfaces
  • Printed with up to eight Pantone colours
  • Symbols and labels such as Resy, Green Dot and/or Interseroh


  • Packaging industry
  • Logistics
  • Machine construction
  • Structural and civil engineering
  • Electronics industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Food industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Agriculture
  • Retail
  • Blown film
  • Flat film
  • Centrefolded film
  • Side gusseted film
  • Tailor-made packaging in seconds
  • Nearly unlimited areas of application
  • Excellent machine suitability, shrink rate and weld seam strength
  • Manufacturing and design to meet your needs
  • Printing and dyeing completed by us in-house

Would you like to use our versatile shrink film for packaging, storing, securing or presenting your products? Tell us what you’re looking for – our experienced team will be happy to advise and help you find the ideal shrink film for your product.